Press Release —Local March 14, 2023

IOM Toolkit on Facilitating Pathways to Inclusive-Cohesive Societies

IOM Toolkit on Facilitating Pathways to Inclusive-Cohesive-Societies

This toolkit offers a collection of existing resources, tools, publications and recommendations that practitioners and policymakers can use to strengthen practical and operational responses to cross-cutting issues. While the resources contained in this toolkit were developed prior to the conflict in Ukraine, it provides IOM missions and partners with an initial guide to facilitate the inclusion of affected populations, keeping in mind the medium- and long-term implications of the crisis on host governments and local communities. The toolkit is also applicable to support the inclusion of other newly arrived migrants and refugees outside the Ukrainian context.

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The toolkit sheds light on key issues that could help facilitate early social inclusion planning and support for Ukrainians and other affected populations. It presents selected tools, interventions and practices that are considered key to developing resilient inclusion policies and interventions based on existing resources and approaches.

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By harnessing the capacities and assets of new arrivals, rather than focusing on their vulnerabilities, we help migrants and refugees become self-reliant and optimize their development potential. We also aim to build local capacities and early coordination measures that enable new arrivals to navigate the maze of support, thus enabling their social inclusion.


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