Consultations and assistance for foreigners

At the are in Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Vietnamese and Mongolian language published useful information for aliens. 

If you can not find information on the website, send an email request to (possibly also in Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Mongolian and Vietnamese) 

Or you can ask through the DISCUSSION section at the

Alternatively you can request information by phone (in Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Vietnamese and Mongolian) 

You can call on weekdays at the following numbers between 10:00 and 16:00 

IOM (Czech, English) tel 731 657 401 , in mongolian 775 895 710

UICR Prague (Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, English) 777 212 237

UICR Klatovy (Plzeň) 774 980 000

UICR Chomutov (North Bohemia) 721 285 066

On these numbers it is possible to arrange a personal visit and consultation in Prague, Klatovy (West Bohemia) and Chomutov (North Bohemia). 

During the above working hours you can also visit the IOM office in Prague at Čechova 23, Prague 7 

Consultation and assistance are provided in the following areas: 

  1. Changes in legislation relating to residence, employment and life in the Republic (according to the current Immigration Act) 

  2. Employment - seeking jobs, changing jobs, problems with the employer, etc. 

  3. Stay - conditions of residence, change of purpose of stay, solving the problems of loss of purpose of stay 

  4. Documents (passport, proof of residence) - all of the documents, the loss of documents, etc. 

  5. Business - conditions for business and trade 

  6. Recognition of education and skills - consulting, validation of documents on education 

  7. Assistance in crisis situations (finding temporary accommodation and funding for life) 

It may be a recommendation for dealing with the authorities or the personal assistance 

All services are free for clients (covered under the project funded by the Open Society Fund Prague)