Support to migration management in Moldova with emphasis on labour migration – 2008

Support to migration management in Moldova with emphasis on labour migration – 2008

This Project of Czech Development Cooperation offered 3 series of experience exchange between Czech Republic and Moldova in migration management with special emphasis at migration related to labour issues, return and reintegration policy. The objective was to assist Moldova in management of migration flows, i.e. enhancing capacities of Moldovan state administration in management of outgoing migration and returning migration with respect to development in Moldova.

Project purposes were 1) Support organizational structures in Moldova through experience exchange in migration management, migration data collection and analysis, labour migration with Czech colleagues and 2) Support national employment system in Moldova enabling reintegration at the labour market of returnees, and Moldovan population in general in the regions with high emigration pressure.

All seminars were organized on the basis of experience exchange where Czech Republic and Republic of Moldova were partners in the process of migration management. First seminar organized in the Czech Republic for 6 participants from Moldova was targeted in general at support to migration management including migration data collection and analysis, labor migration and reintegration mechanisms. In the series of lectures given by 13 Czech experts from 8 ministries and governmental institutions participants had occasion to study the Czech migration management structures from the point of view of different institutions and aspects.

Two following seminars were held in Moldova in Autumn 2008 with participation of 6 Czech experts. For Moldova side, there were 20 and 17 participants present  at the  two seminars who came from Ministry of Economy and trade including directors of the departments and National Employment Agency. These two following seminars concentrated at experience exchange in prevention of irregular migration and capacity building of reintegration mechanisms at the labor market. Concretely, the lectures targeted usage of IT tools at the labor market and in labor migration, active employment policy – counseling and referral system, foreign employment field, returns of Moldovan nationals and their reintegration at the labor market, and in addition support to the investment environment in Moldova in order to create new labor opportunities.

Moldovan counterparts very much appreciated Czech continuous support to Republic of Moldova through the program of Czech Development Cooperation. Thanks to the targeted experience exchange, concrete cooperation was established, as well as concrete measures for follow-up projects in 2009 were identified. The follow-up projects will be targeted at individual returns and reintegration of Moldovan migrants, including financial literacy and remittances measures for individual migrants and their families, as well as continuation in experience exchange in vocational education system and its linkages to the labor market needs.