European Local Cooperation for Integration - ELCI

Activities of the ELCI Project

  1.  European comparative study on local integration practices, and mapping of migrant organizations acting in the field of integration. Please see attached the ELCI comparative studies.

  2. Training of trainers for migrant organizations representatives. The training in Prague was held on 18 April 2012. Please see the Czech site for more information.

  3. Transnational video-conference platforms for exchanging good practices on local integration;

  4. European training for local authorities: « Enhancing the participation of migrants for integration ». January 2012, Marseilles

  5. Production of a DVD on « Local actions for integration: local authorities and migrant organizations ». March 2012

  6. Field visits facilitation between local authorities and migrant organizations.

  7. Public debates on local integration. In Prague, the public debate was organized on 25 April 2012. Please see the Czech site for more information.

  8. European Expert seminar « Integrating migrant organizations on local integration processes». April 2011

The activities of the project are coordinated by IOM France and implemented in partnership with migrant organizations and local authorities in eight EU MS : France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Belgium. The activities are defined through an holistic approach of the concept of integration, which imply a socio-economic approach of integration – such as employment, education, health, education, social cohesion, housing and fight against discrimination - as well as issues related to cultural diversity, citizenship and political rights.



The main objective is to reinforce the two-way process of integration by shaping the strategies for integration developed by local authorities and by migrant organizations. In order to reach this goal, three specific objectives are targeted:

  1. Promoting a better understanding of the actions of migrant organizations in the field of integration;

  2. Reinforcing the capacities of migrant organizations to facilitate their participation in and coordination with local processes on integration;

  3. Promoting the dialogue and exchange of good practices between local authorities in charge of developing integration policies.



The ELCI Project is co-financed by:

The European Commission. European Fund for Integration of third country nationals 2009

US Embassy in Prague

The French Minitry of Interior and Immigration

The City of Marseilles

The Diputacion of Barcelona




IOM Paris and Marseille

City of Marseilles

NGO Forum Femmes Méditerranée (FFM)

NGO Forum des Organisations de Solidarité

Internationales issues des Migrations (FORIM)


IOM Madrid

Diputacion of Barcelona

NGO Asociacion Socio-Cultural Ibn Batuta (ASCIB)



IOM Rome

Sezione Italiana del Consiglio dei

Comuni e delle Regioni d'Europa (AICCRE)

NGO Sunugal



IOM Warsaw

Mazovian Voivodeship Office

Association for Legal Intervention


Czech Republic

IOM Praha

Refugee Facilities Administration of the Ministry of Interior- Center for Integration of Foreigners

NGO Slovo 21



IOM Budapest

NGO Menedek