Extension of Temporary Protection 2023

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Extension of temporary protection: what not to forget?

What is required for the extension of temporary protection (TP): 

  • register online on the website provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic (MoI): Registration for extending TP until March 31, 2023;
  • upon registration, you will receive confirmation to the e-mail address that you provided, the e-mail will indicate the date and place (the relevant DAMP office) for your appointment;
  • visit the DAMP office at the scheduled time (until September 30, 2023), bring a valid international passport or any other ID document with you (e.g. internal Ukrainian passport, old passport etc.) with you as you will receive a visa sticker.

You can change your appointment, but only ONCE. Please do not change your appointment unless in emergency.

What to bring to the appointment in person:

  • A passport or an ID
  • A proof of accommodation (see below)
  • A proof of relationship with your minor child or a minor child you are taking care of (see below)

1. One of the requirements for the extension of a temporary protection visa is to submit a proof of your residential address in the Czech Republic. At the time of the registration, you must indicate the address of your residence and at your appointment at the DAMP office later on you will be asked to provide a proof of the accommodation (a signed form or a contract, see below). The indicated address and the proof of accommodation have to be for the same address! If you change address in between the registration and the appointment, you have to announce it to MoI.

If you are staying with your relatives, friends or you have been adopted by a Czech family, you need to submit a completed and signed form "Proof of accommodation" (Potvrzení o zajištění ubytování) which is published on the website Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic.

You can download the form here: confirmation form on housing provision.

If you are renting an apartment in the Czech Republic yourself, you can either provide the “Proof of accomodation” form as well (signed by the owner of the apartment), or you need to provide your rental agreement. It is necessary to have a certified copy of the agreement (a certified copy can be done at any Czech POINT). Take the original and the certified copy with you, because an employee of the DAMP office will take the certified copy from you and they also might want to look at the original of the contract. It is also important that the contract is signed by the owner of the apartment.

You can download a sample of a standard agreement here: sample of standard agreement .

If you applied for TP AFTER 27 June 2022 and your address did not change, you don’t have to bring a proof of accommodation (OAMP already has it).

2. You also have to indicate during the registration at which school or kindergarten your child is studying.

Distance education in a Ukrainian school is not equivalent to a Czech education and cannot be submitted during registration. If your child is not enrolled into a Czech school, you should enroll them as soon as possible.

If you are responsible for a minor child (you are a parent or you are looking after a minor child in the Czech Republic), you must also inform MoI that you are the person responsible for this child. The MoI has to know who is a caretaker (a responsible person) for every child.

Furthermore, every parent and caretaker of a child has to bring a proof of their relationship (i.e. that you are their parent or a caretaker) to the appointment in person at DAMP. This can be either a birth certificate, a passport where the child is written in, a court decision or just an affidavit signed by you – Sample affidavit

Parents of minor children will register the children for extension themselves, from their email (= the parents’ email). Minor children do not have to attend the meeting at OAMP in person, but it is recommended anyway.

Every adult person, also elderly people, have to provide their own email to be able to register. It is not possible to register two or more adults with only one email. If you don’t have an email, please create one.

If you fail to register or show up on a scheduled appointment at DAMP office, your temporary protection will automatically expire.

In such case, if eligible, you will be allowed to apply for temporary protection once again.