Handbook of Czech transformation experience in migration management and the reintegration mechanisms

The Handbook was produced by IOM International Organization for Migration, Mission in the Czech Republic and financed by the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policies from Czech Development Cooperation Program. IOM Prague cooperated on production of this publication with the experts from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, the Headquarters of the Foreigners Police, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the labor offices, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the agency Czech Invest.

The Handbook was published in 40 pieces in Czech language and 70 pieces in Russian language including the CDs and it has been distributed to the institutions of Czech state administration and partners from the state administration in the Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The aim of the Handbook was to consolidate into written publication the topics of the seminars and experience exchanges organized by IOM Prague and partner IOM missions in the past years for the counterparts in Moldova, South Caucasus, Central Asia.

The projects of Czech Development Cooperation financed by the Czech Ministry of Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policies

IOM Prague has implemented the projects of Czech aid especially thanks to the funding from the Ministry of Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policies since 2001. The projects implemented by IOM Prague and the partner IOM missions are of twofold character.

 One part of the projects is characterized by its support to community and economic development, support to the socially weak population endangered by unemployment or vulnerable to migration, support to the returnees and support to their reintegration at the labor market back in the country of origin. The second part of the projects supports and strengthens migration management structures in the countries of development aid. The activities are implemented in the field of migration organizational structures, protection of the state borders, inspection of the travel documents, combating of irregular migration, migration data  collection and its analysis, the return policy of third country nationals and education to the border guards.

The ultimate objective of these activities has been support to the modern migration management in the target countries enabling legal migration opportunities, supporting sustainable returns and at the same time enhancing development aspects of migration for the benefit of the target countries.