INTI 2004: Integration through Information and Training of Public Officials and NGOs (2005-2006)

Author: Czech Helsinki Committee, IOM Prague, IOM Bratislava, IOM Ljubljana, IOM/MRF Budapest, IOM Warsaw


The Project was co-funded by the EU Commission (budget line INTI).

Duration: 01 May 2005 – 30 April 2006


The main objectives of the project were as follows:

  • To empower migrants in relation to their integration process and the information that would facilitate better integration.
  • To promote effective integration services and policies by sharing good practices and expertise

The project was implemented in 5 countries of the Central Europe: tle Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland.  The most important activity of this project was direct cooperation with organizations of foreigners. Foreigners were thus directly involved on information dissemination and also other activities implemented within the project. We directly cooperated with the community organizations of Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Armenians, Russian etc.

Firstly, the Needs Assessment of migrants and a basic description of the situation were conducted. The aim of this needs assessment was to identify the needs of foreigners, already provided services and the organizations focusing on the issue of integration. Each country prepared own specific recommendations, that more reflect the situation in the country, than a general one. Nevertheless there are some identical points that can be identified there. One of them was a lack of information for foreigners in their languages. The project enabled us to increase the information dissemination via 5 national websites. The Aim of the website was to provide information to foreigners living on the territory of the republic and to increase their information availability and the process of integration.


Websites and languages in which they are operated in:

Slovenia -


Main:  Slovene

Translated into: English, Croatian, Albanian

 Hungary -


Main: Hungarian

Translated into: English, Russian, Romanian

Slovakia -


Main: Slovak

Translated into: English, Russian

Poland -


Main:   Polish

Translated into: English, Russian, Vietnamese

Czech Republic - (already existed before)


Main: Czech

Translated into: Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, English, Vietnamese

There were also organized 2 training of trainer sessions allowing integration experts to share expertise with representatives of NGOs and government officials. For the training of trainers there were identified 5 topics:

  • Integration of migrants workers,
  • Legal aspects of integration,
  • Vulnerable groups,
  • Political participation of foreigners,
  • Education and cultural developments.

Experts form old EU countries were invited to these training of trainers sessions. Following the Training of trainers, the trained persons shared gained information during the national meetings that followed.  The material from ToT was compiled, edited and published: Integration through Information (please find it attached).

During the project implementation, there was also completed information about integration of foreigners in the participating countries and finally published at all websites. Topics such as education, work, health insurance, family reunification, child care etc. were summarized and information published in Needs Assessment (please find it attached).

Cooperation with NGO organizations, also from communities of foreigners, together with needs assessment in respektive countries, enabled realization of the activities in respect to foreigners and their specific needs.

Website  was financed by Ministry of Social Affairs of the Czech Republic as co-funding to INTI project.