In 2006, IOM Prague and IOM Amman and Baghdad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic implemented a project “Capacity Building in the migration management in Iraq”. Three study visits of Iraqi governmental officials were organized to the Czech Republic. In 2007, there were two trainings of trainers organized in Jordan and in the Czech Republic who are currently delivering the trainings to their colleagues in the Ministry of the Interior in Iraq.

In the same year, the Czech Republic financed donation of 49 pieces of equipment for inspection of counterfeit and falsified travel documents for the training purposes in the Training Center in Baghdad.

In 2008, the trainings were organized for the established Center for data analysis and inspection (DAFEC) at the airport in Basra and in Baghdad. The topics were collection, protection and sharing of data and their analysis.  In 2009, the trainings followed for DAFEC in the field of information technologies with the purpose of development of systemic national database of the travel documents.

In 2010, IOM continued in the support to Iraqi colleagues in inter-ministerial cooperation in the migration information systems (MISTF) through experience exchange organized in the Czech Republic.