Seminar about IOM Expertise in Counter-Trafficking (2001)

Based on IOM expertise in counter-trafficking, IOM Prague was asked by the Czech Ministry of Interior, Crime Prevention Department, to organise a seminar about the IOM experience with the issue of human trafficking with a special emphasis on the countries of origin, in cooperation with the MoI and the support of the U.S. Embassy in the Czech Republic. The seminar took place in November 2001 in Kasperske Hory in the framework of a UNDCCP program (criminal law in the Czech Republic and Poland), aiming at improving legal procedures of authorities and other relevant institutions dealing with human trafficking in the abovementioned countries. Representatives of IOM missions in Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan shared their experience with trafficking with representatives of the Czech ministry of Interior and Police, Dutch Police, UNDCCP (Vienna). One of the outcomes of the seminar is a summary of speakers’ contributions.