Summer School on Migration and Development 2011

Summer School on Migration and Development in Prague was heldbetween 21st and 27th August 2011 in the marvellous location of the Hollar building of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (Smetanovo nabr. 6). The project is funded by the Czech Development Agency.

The lectures and seminars were held by foremost foreign and Czech experts on migration and development (e.g. prof. Ronald Skeldon from the University of Sussex or associate prof. Dušan Drbohlav from the Faculty of Science, Charles University).

The main discussed topics were:

  • Migration and Development (MaD) nexus; costs and benefits for sending and receiving countries/regions
  • State policies in the field of MaD, legislative framework
  • Global approach to MaD
  • Remittances and their impact on development
  • The role of diaspora
  • Braind drain / Brain gain / Brain circulation
  • Gender and other (social, family, educational, etc) aspects of MaD
  • Migration theories, myths and reality
  • Migration and Media - a foremost American expert on the topic, Mr. Frank Sharry (America's Voice), who held a lecture for journalists and the Summer School participants. The lecture was part of the project "Minorities in the Media Spotlight", financed by the US Ambassy in Prague.