Summer School on Migration Studies 2012

The 4th annual Summer School on Migration Studies took place in September 3rd - 7th 2012 at the University of South Bohemia in the beautiful and ancient city of České Budějovice, Czech Rep.

The Summer School on Migration Studies provieded its students with the unique opportunity of extending their knowledge and skills in the field of migration. Participants can took the advantage of the multidisciplinary approach and engaged in discussions with distinguished  foreign and Czech experts on migration (e.g. Lori Hunter from the University of Colorado at Boulder; Dušan Drbohlav from the Faculty of Science, Charles University; Lucie Sládková, Head of the IOM Prague mission; and others).

This year lectures included migration theories, environmental migration and the consequences of climate change, integration and identity, migration and gender, return migration or trafficking in human beings.

Partners of the project are Czech Globe and the University of South Bohemia. The event was supported by the US Embassy grant.