Support to the migration management in Georgia - 2009

This Project is a follow-up to the exchange of experience in 2008 with Georgian and Moldovan counterparts. Based on the outcomes of needs assessment in 2008 as well as those of last year`s Project evaluation, IOM proposes to the Czech Donor to continue its support to technical cooperation alongside Georgian counterparts in 2009.

The Project results will be along 4 main areas:

  1. realization of staff training in Georgia - experience exchanged in inspection of travel documents
  2. capacitated migration management structures through provision of technical equipment,
  3. production of part of handbook on Czech experience in inspection of travel documents
  4. training materials provided.

 This Project shall bring an added value to previous projects of experience exchange through securing sustainability of the activities by means of Trainings of Trainers.

There were delivered 22 kits of items for inspection of the  travel documents. These kits should be split between Georgian counterparts which are cooperating in inspection of the travel documents.