Support to migration management in Moldova with emphasis on labour migration (phase II in 2009)

Support to migration management in Moldova with emphasis on labour migration (phase II in 2009)

This Project was a follow-up to the Project from 2008 year and as such, it continued in capacitating migration management structures in Moldova with special emphasis on labour and return and reintegration issues. The objective was to assist Moldova in management of migration flows, i.e. enhancing capacities of Moldovan state administration in management of outgoing migration and returning migration with respect to enhancing the role of migration for development in Moldova.

In 2009, IOM organized two experience exchanges to the Czech Republic for Moldovan experts from Ministry of Economy and Trade and National Employment Agency (NEA).

The first experience exchange organized from 19-23 October 2009 concentrated at active employment policies and vocational education system which should lead to improved reintegration mechanisms in Moldova.

The second organized from 2-4 November 2009 was provided in close cooperation with Czech Invest Agency for Moldovan experts on investment opportunities and it supported investment environment in the Republic of Moldova and creation of further employment opportunities.

Czech experience accommodated to Moldovan needs was then shared locally during 2 trainings in November and December 2009 to employees of National Employment Agency in the regions.

The Czech experience was further shared through the Handbook of Czech migration management experience published and distributed in the reporting period to the governmental counterparts in Moldova. The purpose of the publication is to share Czech experience in the migration management and in a sustainable manner, assist the counterparts trained in the frames of the Czech development projects in the migration management field. The basic division of the handbook is the migration and its legislation, praxis, border management, documents inspection, illegal migration, and support to the reintegration mechanisms for the returnees, IDPs and the population vulnerable to migration.

Based on the NEA needs, IOM assisted with the production of public information at the labor market to National Employment Agency. It consisted both of printed materials, as well as of banners promoting the employment services and their reintegration capacities at the labor market.