Support to reintegration mechanisms in Georgia and prevention of irregular migration from Georgia (2006)

Donor: Ministry of Interior, Department of Asylum and Migration Policies within Programme of Czech Development Cooperation

Implementation period: January 2006 - December 2006

Implementing Agency: IOM Prague in cooperation with IOM Tbilisi

The Project contributed to the successful and sustainable reintegration of migrants returning from the Czech Republic to Georgia. This assistance lead toward preventing repeated irregular migration from Georgia and strengthening their stabilization in Georgia. The purpose of the Project was to provide reintegration assistance to the target group in their home country. These reintegration activities  followed-up to activities implemented during the Project of International Development Cooperation in 2003-2005.  The reintegration activities also included the target group of potential migrants in the framework of prevention of migration and stabilization of the target group at the labour market.  Reintegration assistance mainly consisted of counselling of migrants and referrals to employment opportunities available, skills-upgrading schemes and support to small businesses.

In the frames of support to reintegration mechanisms in Georgia, there was conducted exchange of experience between Georgia and the Czech Republic in the human resources development and support to functioning labour market. Thanks to the expert support from the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs a seminar was organized in Tbilisi in October 2006 with the topics of employment, counselling and referral, vocational trainings and vocational education. The project was also promoted at the state administration, employers, international organizations and other agencies.    

Further, IOM conducts information campaign which provides information in the country of origin on ways of legal migration opportunities, as well as the dangers of resorting to irregular ways.

The campaign focuses at the EU countries, as well as Czech Republic (more information at IOM Tbilisi website) and outgoing migration in general. The information campaign is linked to the campaign implemented within AENEAS program for South Caucasus (more information at IOM Tbilisi website).   The information campaign was also implemented in the Czech Republic with the emphasis on voluntary return programme and counselling on AVR and reintegration project.

The target group of the Project were returnees from the Czech Republic, potential migrants and Georgian state administration, especially in the field of labour market and human resources development. The potential migrants targeted through this Project will be especially from Tbilisi and Rus tavi regions and others based on information gathered through Migration Resource Centres.