Support to the reintegration system at the Georgian labor market for population vulnerable to migration - 2008

The aim of the Project is to continue in systematic development of the efficient job counseling and referral mechanism to better serve the reintegration needs of the Georgian migrants returning voluntarily back to their country and to potential migrants and population of the country vulnerable to migration. The Project will thus contribute to removing pressure from emigration and will contribute to sustainable reintegration at the Georgian labor market.

The activities in this follow-up development Project consist of establishment of another Job Counseling and Referral Center in September 2008 in Batumi, second largest city in Georgia which suffers from huge emigration. Further, the support is provided to JCRC in Tbilisi  established in 2007.  

Besides regular individual job counseling and referrals, there will be organized trainings for clients of the JCRCs in techniques of job search and small business development. Overall, systemic approach to sustainable reintegration by Georgian governmental institutions will be supported. Issues of labor market insertion and vocational education shall be interlinked.Another aspect of systematic attitude towards labor market reintegration will be linking the new Centers with reintegration activities of IOM Tbilisi for migrant-returnees from the Czech Republic and other countries.

Labor market research in Batumi, Kobuleti and enlarged research from 2007 in Tbilisi was conducted in February and summer 2008. The objective of the research lay especially in practical contacting of employers and social partners who provide information on free job vacancies. The research results are available at or The research outputs will also be used for the database of free job vacancies which was created in 2007 within the project of pilot establishment of Job Counseling and Referral Center in Tbilisi (JCRC).

 The overall objective of the research was to:

  • Provide situational survey-analysis of employer workforce demand;
  • Define current and prospective workforce demand according to professions and specialties;
  • Identify professions in acute demand or those that will be in rising need in future;
  • Evaluate the level of satisfaction of employers with their own staff;
  • Analyze measures undertaken by employers to upgrade qualification of their staff;
  • Identify actual contacts of employers with relevant vocational institutions and plan for their future cooperation;
  • Study employers demand for particular professional skills and qualification;
  • Identify factors that hinder the development of business;
  • Develop recommendations for business development and better meeting the employer’s workforce demand;
  • Develop recommendations for staff training by professions based on employers demand.

Similarly as in previous years of Czech Development Aid in Georgia, series of experience exchange between Czech and Georgian experts will be organized with topics of employment services and vocational education. The seminars beneficiaries will be JCRCs staff, staff of Vocational Education Trainings Centers of Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and other relevant stakeholders.

Czech Development Cooperation Aid Project closely cooperates with Polish Aid funding.

See also information published on IOM main website about the long-term Czech development assistance in Georgia.