Support to Stabilization of Potential Migrants and Prevention of Irregular Migration of Minors (2005-2007)

This three-year project offered vocational training to boarding school students in a number of Moldovan regions, contributing to stabilization of the target group and enhancing their capacity to find employment or start their own businesses after graduation. The project thus contributed to preventing irregular migration by stabilizing potential migrants.

The Project activities were realized by IOM Chisinau in co-ordination with IOM Prague. IOM implemented this 3-year-long project of Czech Development Cooperation in line with its various activities of the prevention of trafficking in Moldova while it has been more widely fucusing on the prevention of this phenomenon within the vulnerable target group of minors. The preventive measures of IOM Chisinau for the vulnerable target groups involve the information activities, support to economic self-sufficiency, developing skills, special education etc. Usually, projects combine  all these activities and are focused on the roots of trafficking in Moldova. The activities are mainly focused on high-risk groups according to experience of IOM Chisinau, which has already assisted to more than 2000 counter-trafficking victims.

In Moldova there are more than 12 000 children grown in any institutional care. Reasons for emplacement into these institutions varies and mostly it is justified by the absence of the social network and specializied services for families. International community including UNICEF supports Moldavan authorities in building up social safeguarding networks not to place children that are vulnerable into resident institutions.    

In terms of its preventive programmes IOM tries to support initiatives which helps children already placed in these institutions and boarding schools to integrate better into common life after finishing their studying at these schools and to avoid the risk of the irregular migration and counter-trafficking.