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This page also contains content in Ukrainian to assist individuals during the ongoing crisis.

You are eligible for temporary protection in the Czech Republic if you are a:

  • Ukrainian citizen if you resided in Ukraine before the invasion (24 February 2022);
  • Resident of Ukraine if you were granted some form of international protection in Ukraine or if you were permanent resident of Ukraine and you can´t return to your country of origin because of threat of actual danger;
  • Family member (spouse, registered partner, unmarried minor child or adult
  • dependent relative) of a person eligible for temporary protection.
  • Temporary protection may also be granted due to family reunification with the holder of temporary protection.

IOM Czechia has prepared a toolkit on Temporary Protection (Lex Ukraine VI - 2024), where you will find useful information about your stay in Czechia.

What you can learn from the toolkit:

  • Conditions and documents for obtaining Temporary Protection;
  • What is a Humanitarian Aid and how to get it;
  • How to obtain medical insurance and what to know about its payment;
  • Education in the Czech Republic for your child;
  • Your labor rights;
  • What to do if you decide to return to Ukraine;
  • How to keep yourself safe at any stage of your trip or stay.

This guide also contains useful contacts and links for the government entities and NGOs, where you can check the lastest updates.

UA - Temporary Protection Toolkit - PDF

Apply for temporary protection in person:

Make sure to bring with you the following documents:

  • completed form, to make the process faster, complete the form in advance
  • A valid passport, if you hold it, if you do not submit a valid travel document, the process might be prolonged.
  • A document certifying that by February 24th, 2022 you resided in Ukraine and you left the country in consequence of its invasion by Russian Federation's armed forces (for example information in your passport, confirmation of humanitarian entry or any other document in your name proving your residence in Ukraine)
  • confirmation of accommodation (natural person) if not arranged by a crisis management authority, when accommodation is provided by a juridical person (such as hostel), please submit a confirmation of accommodation form (legal person)
  • Your own photograph in the format 45 x 35 mm is recommended.

If you are granted temporary protection, you can stay in the Czech Republic up to one year but only until 31st March 2023 and you have access to the public health insurance system, education, free access to the labour market and the right to additional assistance, such as accommodation. However, these rights are valid only in the Czech Republic.

Travelling to another country:

Temporary protection does not expire in case you decide to leave the country. If you are granted temporary protection, you can travel to another EU country for a maximum period of 90 days (for example, for the purpose of tourism), but they cannot enjoy other rights, such as access to labour market, unless the country decides to allow it. You can also travel to Ukraine. In case you do not reside on the announced address longer than 15 days, the authorities can request to delete the information on your place of residence from the database, thus make always sure to inform your landlord in case you plan to travel.

In case you decide to return to Ukraine permanently, make sure to contact the authorities and:

  • Renounce the temporary protection (you can also renounce at General Consulate in Lviv);
  • Inform the health insurance company, this can also be done in writing;
  • Inform the school that your children attend;
  • Terminate your contracts in the Czech Republic, for example: with mobile service or internet providers, close your bank account and terminate your rental or labour contract.