Press Release —Local November 27, 2020

Global Migration Film Festival 2020


Movies from all over the world can be seen online within the fifth year of the Global Migration Film Festival. From November 30 till December 18, the festival is organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with the UN Information Center in Prague.

Within the three weeks of the festival, five selected films will be screened, covering different regions and topics related to migration.

1. "Women’s Country" traces the initial integration of a pair of Syrian migrant women in the United States.

2. The Turkish film "Omar and Us" from 2019 describes the fate of a retired Coast Guard on the Turkish-Greek border.

3. The film "Amygdalia" is presented as a fictional poem about belonging, alienation and home, told by five women who are perceived as "foreigners" in Greece.

4. In the new film "Revolution from Afar", Sudanese-American poets discuss the identity of the third culture and the revolution in Sudan, from which they are physically cut off.

5. The Israeli film "8000 Paperclips" is dedicated to South Sudanese children growing up in Israel and deported to Africa.

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