IOM Czechia supports collective centres with NFI

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Czechia has provided thousands of dormitory beds to refugees, with the peak number of accommodated people reaching 150,000 accommodated people within emergency accommodations. Although many refugees of war are now renting other accommodations, the most vulnerable population is still staying at the collective centers because they do not have enough financial resources, or the rental market does not provide sufficient housing capacity. 

The IOM, with the support of the Government of Japan, has allocated funds for NFI (non-food items) - material equipment of public facilities that accommodate people with temporary protection. The goal is to upgrade and at least standardize their material and technical equipment. In particular, IOM has the opportunity to purchase new refrigerators, stoves, and other equipment for the kitchen or new beds, mattresses, cupboards, and other furniture for the rooms in order to standardize these long-term collective centers. Also, repainting and carpentry will take place. NFI 

The assessment of the first batch of the 40 largest public accommodations has already been completed, and the final list for procurement is being compiled with input from individual managers. The IOM's aim is to help refugees live in dignified conditions since many of these facilities currently house 30 people on a single floor with just two refrigerators and one stove shared among them. 

The deliveries of these materials and equipment are anticipated to arrive between December 2023 and January 2024. At the time of publication of this message, IOM Czechia is still open to new collaborations regarding the delivery of NFI assistance.